Important Cultural PropertyBronze Bell with Inscription of Year Chengan 6 in gold

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  • 1 piece
  • Casted bronze
  • Total H 44.2 Weight (including iron ring)24.673kg
  • Goryeo period, Korea/Chengan 6(1201)
  • Kyushu National Museum
  • E-32

This is a bronze bell in the Korean bell style, as it has the characteristics of Korean bells such as Ryuzu comprising a cylinder called Yo on the top and a dynamic dragon and the pattern of a flying celestial being on the body. The inscription engraved on the body shows that this bell was installed in the Kondo (main hall) of Tenjoji Temple in February 1201. Joan is the name of an era during the Jin period in China, which was also used in Goryeo at the time. Nothing is known about Tenjoji Temple. This bell well demonstrates the characteristics of the time, such as small size (total height: 44.2 cm) and relatively poor workmanship.
Many of these Korean bells were brought into Japan through historical exchanges with the Korean Peninsula. This bell was once handed down to the Ito family, the feudal lord of the Obi Domain in Hyuga (Miyazaki).