Important Cultural PropertyNuihaku (Nō costume)—white fabric based, with design of snowy willows and folding fans on top and bottom parts

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  • 1 suit
  • L134.1 yuki56.2
  • Azuchi-Momoyama period/16th century
  • Tokyo National Museum
  • I-3233

On the white nerinuki (a plain fabric woven with raw silk thread as the warp and processed silk thread as the woof), motifs of a snow-covered willow and fan paper are embroidered in a magnanimous manner and gold leaf paste is impressed on the spaces between them. For embroidery, wide stitches characteristic of the embroidery of the Momoyama period, over-sewing stitches and whipstitches are used. The design has the so-called shoulder-bottom structure, where motifs are arranged only in the shoulders and bottom areas partitioned off in the shape of suhama (a sandbar), which is a typical characteristic of nuihaku (a kimono where a combination of embroidery and gold/silver leaf is applied) of the Momoyama period.
Although the motifs are arranged close together in a limited space, it does not look crowded, but rather each design looks lively.