e-Museum Guide

Viewing High-Definition Images

Viewing High-Definition Imagesimage
  • A. Store image in "Saved Images"
  • B. Go to "Saved Images"
  • C. Enter fullscreen display
  • D. For bound works: Turn the left page
  • E. For bound works: Turn the right page
  • F. IIIF manifest file.
    Link to the "IIIF manifest file."
    (IIIF help)

*All images will be deleted when the cache is cleared.

Viewing a Slideshow

● Saved Images

Saved images can be viewed as a slideshow.
*See Item A above for how to save high-resolution images

Saved Images
  • A. Drag images to change their order
  • B. Delete images by clicking the "x"
  • C. Play slideshow

● Slideshow

  • D. Return to "Saved Images"
  • E. Speed adjustment
    The slideshow can be set to three speeds.
  • F. Pause
  • G. Play
  • H. Continuous play