Important Cultural PropertyLong Sword (Tachi), the name "Yoshiie" inscribed

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  • Sword
  • Length: 74.7cm Curvature: 2.6cm
  • Heian period
  • Kyoto National Museum
  • E甲214

Yoshiie (n.d.) was the founder of the Kyoto Sanjo School of swordsmithing and is said to have been the son or grandson of Munechika. He was active during the Hogen era (1156-58). The same name is found in the Bizen Ichimonji School, with a similar signature. The work of Sanjo Yoshiie, however, displays a classical grace, characterized, as in this tachi, by the slender blade with its small tip and fine, irregularly wavy temper line. However, these features are also found in early Bizen swords, making it almost impossible to definitively attribute this blade to the Sanjo School. For this reason, some do not ascribe this tachi to Sanjo Yoshiie but consider it to be an example of Ichimonji Yoshiie's style.