Important Cultural PropertyMap of Onjô-ji Temple

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  • Twelve hanging scrolls
  • Momoyama period
  • Kyoto National Museum

Formerly owned by Enman-in Temple, this map shows Onjo-ji Temple and its surroundings in twelve hanging scrolls, which may likely have been in folding-screen format. From the right, the North, Central, and South Hall form the right panel of the screen, while Nyoiji Temple and the three residences for training monks) form the left panel. This illustration appears almost identical to the late Kamakura-period (1185-1333) maps belonging to Onjo-ji Temple and is clearly based upon them. The depictions of trees and golden clouds show the characteristics of the Kano school of painting active in the Muromachi (1392-1573) and Edo (1615-1868) periods.