Important Cultural PropertyHanging ornaments for ban (banner)

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  • 2 pieces
  • Ornamented with gilt bronze openwork
  • L130.5 W(plaited cords)5.5
  • Asuka-Hakuhō period/7th century
  • Tokyo National Museum
  • N-51

Bansuishoku is a twisted string called Karakumi that is made up of extremely gorgeous gold and silver threads twisted into colorful threads of very bright red, pale red, yellow and dark blue. Silk core threads wrapped with cut foil are used for the gold and silver threads of this Karakumi. For the core threads, gold threads twisted with red threads and silver threads twisted with white threads are used.

Setting the border around the center of the Obi, cute bells are placed on the sides of the center part (excluding the center part) and v-shaped clasps are attached to both edges of the Obi. Taking a closer look at both clasps, it is clear that these clasps droop down when the Obi is tied in the center. Karakumi with a width of over 5 cm are not even seen among those held in the Shosoin and these items are therefore considered to be very valuable.