Important Cultural PropertyDômaru Armor with Black Leather Lacing and Variegated Cords

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  • Armor
  • Armor height: 30.3cm
  • Muromachi period/15th century
  • Kyoto National Museum
  • E甲205

This domaru armor is made of horizontal tiers of alternating leather and iron lames that are tied together and coated with black lacquer; the tiers are then tied vertically. The upper part of the body and the shoulders are laced with purple, red, and white cords, and the lower part with black leather thongs. This piece displays some classic elements of armor: a pair of leather-wrapped iron ornaments (J., gyoyo) hanging over the breast, and the kusazuri skirt consisting of seven small parts. However, the narrow and thickly lacquered lames, the narrow lacing cords and thongs (J., odoshige), and the depiction of lions and peonies on the ornamental leather (J., egawa ) demonstrate characteristic features of the Muromachi period. Domaru armor was wrapped around the body and fastened on the right side. This style of armor was invented for lightness and mobility replacing the heavily constructed O-yoroi armor.