Important Cultural PropertySword (Katana); the name "Go Yoshihiro" inscribed in gold inlay

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  • Sword
  • Length: 69.4cm Curvature: 2.0cm
  • Nanbokucho period/14th century
  • Kyoto National Museum
  • E甲181

This sword blade (J., katana) bears two inlaid gold inscriptions. On the obverse, it states that Honnami Kôtoku (1554-1619) had this blade shortened from what was originally a long sword (tachi) made by Gô Yoshihiro. The inscription on the reverse notes that it belongs to the feudal lord Honda Tadamasa (1575-1631) of Kuwana Province (present-day Mie Prefecture). This sword came to be called "Kuwana Gô" and has been treasured as a celebrated sword.
Yoshihiro's family name Go derived from the fact that he lived in Matsukura-go ("go" a unit of local administration, a township) of Etchû Province (present-day Toyama Prefecture). He was a master sword maker whose work reflects the influence of Sôshû Masamune (1264-1343).