Important Cultural PropertyMyôhôrengekyô (Lotus Sutra), Chapter 10 The Teacher of the Law

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  • Handscroll
  • Height 26.2cm, Length 214.0cm
  • Nara period/8th century
  • Kyoto National Museum
  • B甲82

This is a copy of the Lotus Sutra (J., Myohorengekyo, commonly known as Hokekyo) uses large letters with twelve characters per line (instead of the usual seventeen characters per line). Its bold calligraphic style is known to take after the transcription method found in the ojomu, or Great Shomu, edition of The Sutra of the Wise and Foolish (J., Kengukyo). The paper is made of yellow hemp. The same type of Lotus Sutra manuscript include Chapter 5 “Medicinal Herbs” from the Kuboso Collection and Chapter 8 “Prophecy of Enlightenment for Five Hundred Disciples” from the Former Yasuda Bunko Archives.