Important Cultural PropertyYugashijiron (Yogacara Bhumi Sastra, Discourse on the Stages of Concentration Practice), Volume 21 (Gyôshin Offeratory Scripture)

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  • Handscroll
  • Height 26.0cm, Length 962.0cm
  • Nara period, 8th century
  • Kyoto National Museum
  • B甲68

This scripture, transcribed on yellow hemp paper, was an offering by the priest Gyoshin (d. 750), who was active in the restoration of Horyu-ji Temple. According to the postscript, Gyoshin died before the completion of the commentary and the priest Koshin and other disciples inherited his wish to complete it. The reign year Jingo Keiun 1 (767) is written over Tenpyo Jingo 3 (767), indicating the change of era on the sixth day of the eighth month of that year.