Important Cultural PropertyView of a Lake and Mountains

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  • Hanging scroll
  • Height 121.1cm Width 34.6cm
  • Kyoto National Museum
  • A甲675

Not much is known about the painter of this scroll, Tenyu Shokei. He was probably a painter-monk living around the middle of the fifteenth century. Though the works he left include human figures such as the “Laughing Buddha” Budai, the poet-monks Hanshan and Shide, the genre he excelled in seems to have been landscape. This scroll is a representative work of his in that genre. Its perfect sense of composition and long distance perspective, its extremely delicate brushwork, and the trailing haze, embellished here and there in gold, add a dazzling, refined finish to this painting. It also projects an aesthetic sense unmistakably honed through ink painting in Kyoto. The calligrapher, Koshi, was a monk at Tofuku-ji Temple who knew Sesshu and other artists.