Important Cultural PropertyFenggan, Han-shan and Shi-de having a nap with a tiger

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  • Inscriptions by (Jp) Heiseki Nyoshi, Kakoku Shibun and Mudō Donna
  • 1 hanging scroll
  • Ink on paper
  • 77.8x34.3
  • Yuan period/14th century
  • Tokyo National Museum
  • TA-315

This is a shisuizu depicting a Bukan Zen priest, a tiger, Kanzan and Jittoku sleeping under a pine tree by a river. Elaborate brushwork is applied in monochromic ink to everything on the picture from the Bukan Zen priest to Kanzan, Jittoku, the trees, rocks, mounds of earth, clouds and mist, featuring a sharp shading contrast unique to the hakubyo paintings (paintings in monochromatic ink) of the Yuan period. In the Yuan period, hakubyo painting became popular as a hobby among literati and this is a nice painting that shows the characteristics of hakubyoga of that time. There are legends on the picture by Pingshi Rudi, Wumeng Tan'e and Huaguo Ziwen, Zen priests of the Yuan period. Since Pingshi Rudi, a successor to Dong'yan Jiangri died in 1357 at the age of 90, Wumeng Tan'e, a successor to Yuansou Xingduan, died in 1373 and Huaguo Ziwen, a successor to Zhuxi Huaitan, died in 1351, this painting must have been drawn before 1351 when Huaguo Ziwen died.