Important Cultural PropertyHaniwa (unglazed earthen object), warrior in body armor

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  • Excavated in Kamichūjō, Kumagaya-city, Saitama Prefecture
  • 1 piece
  • H 64.2
  • Kofun period/6th century
  • Tokyo National Museum
  • J-37057

This haniwa is designated as an important cultural property together with a haniwa horse excavated at the same time. This seems to have been created around the early 6th century. He wears a war helmet (shokakutsuki kabuto), short armor (yokohagiita-byodome tanko) and a sword on the left waist. While he is fully armored, he also wears a bead necklace. The method to slightly press down the surface after cutting eyes and a mouth into it helps tone up the facial expression and create impressive features. While both hands and most of the cylindrical base are missing, the main body is in a good condition. Although many haniwa in short armor or male haniwa in garment-like long armor have been excavated, there are few male haniwa in short armor and in this sense, this haniwa is a valuable piece.