Important Cultural PropertyKosode (kimono with small wrist openings), paulownia tree and bamboo pattern on pale-brown twill weave fabric

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  • 1 suit
  • L129.8 yuki60.0 sleeve W22.0 sleeve L50.3 neck W15.0
  • Muromachi period/16th century
  • Tokyo National Museum
  • I-4069

This kosode with an old elegant paulownia-bamboo pattern on a light brown ground has been handed down within the Masuda family in Iwami. According to family documents, Asikaga Yoshitane (1466 – 1523), the tenth Shogun, granted this to Masuda Munekane (? – 1544) for his bravery during a battle at Mt. Funaoka in Yamashiro no Kuni in 1511. This is a lined kimono with a white plain silk lining and a thin layer of cotton between the outer fabric and the lining.
The paulownia-bamboo pattern on the outer fabric is represented vertically via six twill pieces and the composition and layout of the pattern are incredibly adept: unit patterns of paulownina and bamboo, which have different orientations, are placed alternately from top to bottom, adding a comfortable change to the well-organized order. It has freshness in addition to elegance and dignity, which makes it a plausible gift from the Shogun.