Important Cultural PropertyStirrup with head of reed motif in mother-of-pearl inlay

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  • 1 piece
  • Lacquered wood
  • Front arch H27.9 bars L38.2
  • Azuchi-Momoyama period/16th century
  • Tokyo National Museum
  • H-1459, H-1474

The leaves of a reed are pictured distinctly on this saddle with black lacquered ground, creating an impressive outlook. A pair of stirrups with the same design has survived together with it.
The motifs are expressed with gold raised makie (takamakie), together with thin metal flakes (kanagai). The dew drops on the leaves are shown by silver pins. The edges of the saddle and the ends of the bars are covered with gold.
The spirit of the era, the Momoyama period, is clearly seen in this saddle, with the dynamic composition of the picture making the most of the saddle’s particular shape and the gorgeous decorations using plenty of gold and silver.
A rough sketch attributed to Kanō Eitoku is attached to this saddle. "Tenshō 5 (1577), January, Yoshihide" (handwritten seal) is written on it.