Important Cultural PropertyWater jug decorated with picture of tree peony in overglaze enamels

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  • Nonomura Ninsei
  • 1 piece
  • H13.6 aperture D15.6 bottom D9.9
  • Edo period/17th century
  • Tokyo National Museum
  • G-303

The body of this tea caddy-shaped water container is clearly divided into four sections, in each of which a peony is drawn. While the flowers are either painted in silver and outlined in red or painted in red and outlined in gold, the leaves are painted in green without any outlines. Ninsei uses silver, which Imariyaki has abandoned, so effectively among bright colors. Silver is also used in this water container on the peonies and lattices. It is also the silver color that depicts the lively waves, one of the major features of this water container.