Important Cultural PropertyMahāvairocana Tathāgata

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  • 1 statue
  • Lacquered wood with gold leaf
  • H 93.9, pedestal H 46.7
  • Heian period/11-12th century
  • Tokyo National Museum
  • C-311

This is an image of Dainichi Nyorai (Vairocana) in the Kongo-kai (Diamond World) who makes a Chike-in sign (entering the world of Buddha's wisdom) in front of its chest. Dainichi Nyorai is the central deity of the Kongo-kai Mandala that represents the structure of the spiritual world in esoteric Buddhism. This image is made of Japanese cypress using the joined-block technique. The round face with puffy cheeks, downcast eyes, small lips, thin body, gentle modeling with little undulation and smooth drapery folds all represent the characteristics of Buddhist images of the late Heian period. Most of the pedestal is in its original form when it was created with this image.