Important Cultural PropertyShitennō Kenzoku (followers of the Four Heavenly Kings), the followers of the protector of the East

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  • Wood, colored, beaded eyes
  • Statue H: Protector of the East 31.9, Protector of the South 32.1
  • Kamakura period/Bunnei 4 (1267)
  • Tokyo National Museum

These are the images of Shitenno's followers, the only sculptures of the kind remaining now. The other images are possessed separately by the Seikado Bunko Art Museum and the MOA Museum of Art. According to the inscriptions at the bottom of the pedestals, these images were created in 1267 by Koen, a sculptor of Buddhist images and were supposedly originally installed at Uchiyamaeikyuji Temple in Tenri, Nara.