National TreasureOfficial Request from Sanuki Province

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  • Ink on paper
  • 30.3x266
  • Heian period/Jougan 9(867)
  • Tokyo National Museum

Enchin was a member of one of the six extended households that made up the Imiki no Obito clan, which resided in Naka and Tado counties in Sanuki Province (present-day Kagawa Prefecture). When the clan asked to change its name to Wakekimi, the name of the area where the founder of the clan had lived, the assistant secretary of the Sanuki provincial government drew up the request and sent it to the Great Council of State (J. dajôkan). The name "Hiro'o" that appears on this document is Enchin's secular name. The seal of Sanuki Province has been stamped over the characters.