Important Cultural PropertyLong sword signed Kunitoshi

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  • Niji Kunitoshi
  • 1 piece
  • blade L75.4 Curvature2.6
  • Kamakura period/13th century
  • Tokyo National Museum
  • F-19849

Among the swords created by Kunitoshi, a swordsmith representing the Rai school in Yamashiro-no-Kuni, there are two types of inscriptions: "Kunitoshi" in two characters and "Rai Kunitoshi" in three characters. Since the style of swords, for example the hamon, also varies greatly with the type of the inscription, there are two views regarding the swordsmiths of these swords: one that they were created by two different swordsmiths and the other that they were all created by the same swordsmith. The swords with a two-character inscription are called "two-character Kunitoshi" and this sword is known as one of the best among two-character Kunitoshi. It features a wide body and an ikubi kissaki (the tip of the blade is shorter in length than it is wide), which are the characteristics of the swords of the mid-Kamakura period and gives a powerful impression. The hamon features undulating choji-midare (an undulating clove-shaped pattern) and slight konie (small crystals of martensite/troostite). This brilliant hamon pattern is a unique characteristic of the swords of two-character Kunitoshi.