National TreasureDraft Letter by Fujiwara Tadamichi

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  • Height 31.2cm Width 980.0cm
  • Kyoto National Museum
  • B甲415

Twenty-nine draft letters by Fujiwara Tadamichi (1097-1164) are collected in this volume, only the sixth of which has an inscription dated the year 1311 (Daiji 6). Fujiwara Tadamichi, the son of Tadazane (the eldest son of Moromichi, 1078-1162), served as regent (J., sesshô) and chancellor (J., kanpaku), and ascended as high as the rank of prime minister (J., dajô daijin). He used the Buddhist name Hosshôji after entering the priesthood. Not only was he well versed both in the Japanese and Chinese classics, but he was also renowned for his mastery of calligraphy, the style of which is recognized as Hosshôji ryû.