Important Cultural PropertyBussetsu Anan Shijikyô (Sutra of the Four Provisions of Ananda) (also known as the Gankô-ji Sutra)

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  • Handscroll
  • Height 26.4cm, Length 222.0cm
  • Nara period, 8th century
  • Kyoto National Museum
  • B甲53

This handscroll comes from a set of the entire sutra compendium that was commissioned to be transcribed in 740 (Tenpyo 12) to pray for the repose of her late father and the happiness in this life of her mother by the Fujiwara lady (d. 760), who was the daughter of the courtier Fujiwara Fusasaki (d. 737) of the Northern Branch and the niece of Emperor Komyo (701-60). This set is commonly known today as Gankojikyo or the "Sutra of Ganko-ji Temple" because of it previously belong to and is stamped with the round red seal of the temple.