Important Cultural PropertyRitual Halberd #1

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  • Length:38.6cm
  • Kyoto National Museum

Twenty-seven halberds were excavated of the Kokura-shin'ike Archeological Site (also called the Momijigaoka Archeological Site), located in Nishi 3-chome, Momijigaoka, Kasuga City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Since they were discovered accidentally in the course of building a housing development, the original condition in which they were buried is unknown. Twenty-five pieces were acquired by the Kyoto National Museum, while two remained in Kasuga City. Out of the twenty-seven halberds, twenty-six have similar shapes, with the middle part wider than the two ends; the one owned by Kasuga City is narrower in the middle. The former style is thought to have been produced using the same mold or prototype. These are a good example of Yayoi-period weapon-shaped ritual utensils being buried together as a set.